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Inmotion V1Y Electric Unicycle

Inmotion V11Y Electric Unicycle

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New version of the V11 unicycle! What has changed? Suspension height, new pedals, improved kickstand, new design!

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Inmotion V11Y Electric Unicycle: A Leap Forward from V11

InMotion has once again broken its own boundaries with the release of the V11Y, an optimized version of the revolutionary V11. Building on a legacy of firsts, this new model introduces remarkable advancements that make it stand out in the world of electric unicycles.

  • Height: The V11Y stands 40MM taller than its predecessor, the V11. This increased stature not only gives riders a more commanding presence but also enhances the overall ride quality.
  • Gas Spring: The gas spring height has been augmented by an additional 10MM, ensuring that riders get a smoother, more cushioned ride.
  • Pedal Adjustments: Taking feedback into account, the pedal height has been dropped by 10MM. In addition, the previous frosted pedals have been replaced with sturdier and sleeker aluminum alloy pedals, akin to those on the V13 model.

  • Protective Features: To add an extra layer of safety, the V11Y now sports front and rear bottom shells, accompanied by a total of six vibrant orange rubber protective shells. This not only makes the unicycle visually striking but also enhances its resilience against wear and tear.

  • Kickstand: Reflecting the design continuity, the V11Y now uses the same reliable kickstand found on the V13s.
  • Ride Experience Post-Optimization: The center of gravity on the V11Y has been thoughtfully lowered.

What does this mean for riders?

  • Enhanced Control: The lower gravity offers a tighter grip on terrains, making maneuverability easier.
  • Reduced Bottoming Out: The tweaks in design decrease the likelihood of the base hitting the ground on bumpy rides.
  • Stability: With the newly introduced kickstand from the V13s and the structural changes, the V11Y stands more firmly when not in use.
  • Shell Protection: The added protective shells ensure that the unicycle remains unscathed from minor bumps and collisions.
  • Pedal Comfort: The transition to aluminum alloy pedals grants riders a more comfortable footrest, perfect for long rides. The Inmotion V11Y isn’t just an electric unicycle; it’s a testament to InMotion's commitment to innovation, reflecting the brand's continuous endeavor to refine and redefine the EUC experience.

Max. Speed (km/h) on public roads: 25;

Max. Speed (km/h) on private territories: 60.



Data sheet

Max. Speed (km/h)
Motor Power (W)
Estimated range (km)
Battery capacity (Wh)
Wheel diametr (Inch)
Charging voltage (Volts)
Charging time (hours)
Weight (Kg)
Max. carrying capacity (Kg)
Telescopic handle
Bluetoth speakers
Max. Slope

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