Why do I need an electric unicycle?

How often do I need to charge the electric unicycle?

How much does one KM on an electric unicycle cost?

How to store electric unicycle?

Is the electric unicycle good only on tarmac?

What to do with hills and curbs?

What tire pressure is the best for my electric unicycle?

What is a “cut out” or “cut off” of electric unicycle?

What real range has an electric unicycle?

At what speed should I use protective gear?

Can I use my electric unicycle in rain?

Can I ride electric unicycle in winter?

What is your return policy?

What are the warranty conditions in your store?

What happens in a warranty case?

Does cleaning the EUC/tire change/power pad installation of electric unicycle influence the warranty?

What will void the warranty of electric transportation unit?

Do you offer off-warranty repairs?

Do you offer trade-in?

What payment options do you accept?

Which currency is displayed on the website?

Do you store my payment information?

Do you sell with 0 VAT to European VAT paying companies?

From where are your products shipped?

How long does it take for item to arrive?

Do you export outside the EU?

Do you ship to islands?

Is shipping really free?

How are taxes and duties applied to international orders?

I forgot my password, what should I do?

Will out of stock items be restocked?

How do I cancel my order?

Can I change my delivery address?

When will I receive my order?

How do I place an order?

Was my order successful?

How can I cancel a preorder?

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