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This is one of the smallest EUCs that you can buy brand new in 2024 - the Begode Mten4. Let's take a closer look at it and answer the question: Who is this EUC designed for?

The Mten series is a line of small EUCs made by Begode. It has always been the most affordable model in their lineup. In 2023, the Mten received its 4th update in history. Now, let's delve into its characteristics.

The Mten4 features an 11-inch wheel with a wide 3.0 tire. Its motor has a nominal power of 1000w, allowing this EUC to reach a top speed of 40 kilometers per hour. It offers two battery options - 300Wh and 750Wh. Visually, it has a futuristic design with a large front light and an interesting tail light that doubles as an LED screen, enhancing safety while using this EUC.

Considering its small wheel size, good battery life, and speed limit, who would benefit from owning this EUC?

There are three categories of people who would find this wheel particularly useful. Firstly, individuals who already own a larger EUC but occasionally require a smaller one. For instance, when you only need to run a quick errand to the shop, it's inconvenient to take a big EUC along. In such cases, the Begode Mten4 would be perfect.

Secondly, this EUC would be an excellent choice for businessmen. Its compact size allows for easy storage in the office or even carrying it in a bag. Commuting to work on the Mten4 can make the journey more relaxing and enjoyable.

Lastly, children would benefit from the Begode Mten4 as their first EUC. It is small and easy to learn, making it an ideal option for young riders. So, if you dream of riding an EUC on weekends with your young son or daughter, the Mten4 can make that dream a reality.

In conclusion, the Begode Mten4 is a genuinely intriguing EUC. It serves specific purposes and targets specific goals, but having this EUC in your collection can prove to be incredibly useful.


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