Kingsong KS-14D Black 420Wh Electric Unicycle 2023

Kingsong KS-14D Black 420Wh Electric Unicycle

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KS-14D - Perfect for begginers, has good speed and range to begin with, and is very tough and durable. 

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The KS-14D is one of the most successful unicycle models in the 14" size - leaves most of the competition far behind. An excellent choice for both beginners and those looking to upgrade from their first entry-level electric unicycle. Excellent weight / size to performance ratio.


Background of KS-14D electric unicycle

To better understand what the KS-14D unicycle is, we suggest you take a look at the history of its creation. In early 2015, Kingsong's first breakthrough into the world of electric unicycle was the KS-14C. The 14-inch monowheel, unique for that time, possessed a huge battery consisting of 64 cells and a powerful 800 watt motor. For these characteristics it was quickly loved by enthusiasts around the world. But despite the fact that everything was in order with the power of the wheel, in other aspects a number of shortcomings were revealed.

Motherboard overheating

Under heavy load, temperatures would rise rapidly, forcing the rider to take a break.


being over 20cm thick, the wheel was short and wide - which did not provide a comfortable riding position.


The wheel was not the prettiest and was considered by many to be just like an ugly duckling.

Durability and moisture protection

The Achilles heel of the wheel was the motor axis, on which microcracks appeared, which degraded over time. The moisture protection also turned out to be useless.

The Kingsong engineering team learned from the unique but flawed KS-14C wheel to create a new line of KS-14D / DS wheels.

  • The new wheels are equipped with large heatsinks and an active cooling system.
  • The wheel has become thinner and more aesthetically pleasing and the telescopic handle makes it easier to transport the wheel.

In terms of reliability, a huge number of improvements have been made - among which are an improved axle, a reinforced body and new pedals.

Max. Speed (km/h) on public roads: 25;

Max. Speed (km/h) on private territories: 30.


Data sheet

Max. Speed (km/h)
Motor Power (W)
Estimated range (km)
Battery capacity (Wh)
Wheel diametr (Inch)
Charging voltage (Volts)
Charging time (hours)
Weight (Kg)
Max. carrying capacity (Kg)
Telescopic handle
Bluetoth speakers

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