Ninebot Z10 Electric Unicycle

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Unique form of transportation - Ninebot Z10, you will not see anything similar elsewere

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The release of the Ninebot Segway Z10 unicycle became a small revolution in the unicycle market. It often happens that the concept of a future product - a car or a motorcycle - can be very different from a mass-produced model. The thing is that designers often have to go to engineers and marketers to make a product more appealing for a mass buyer. But the Ninebot Segway decided to go its own way and retained all the exterior design and construction nuances of the series model.

As a result, we got one of the most beautiful unicycles - futuristic design, high quality stylish materials, the highest construction quality - this is what distinguishes the Ninebot Segway Z10 from other unique cycles. Of course, with such an avant-garde approach, some problems arose - the construction of unicycles was stopped several times because various problems were discovered. But Ninebot Segway solved them and resumed production, and now we can say that the Ninebot Segway Z10 unicycle got rid of most of the problems that were identified during production, and its reliability has increased significantly.


But nothing can change the control properties of this unicycle. Ninebot Segway Z10 tires are 4 inches (10 cm!) wide, and many compare them to motorcycle tires because of it. This greatly affected the functions of the unicycle, and even very experienced riders should get used to driving the Ninebot Segway Z10 for a while. This unicycle is not difficult to control at speeds up to 15 km / h, but at higher speeds it becomes so unstable that it can no longer be controlled by conventional methods. When cornering with the Ninebot Segway Z10 at high speed, the entire body weight must be transferred to the desired pedal - just like when riding a real motorcycle.

Such peculiarities divided the riders into two camps - there are those who fell madly in love with this unicycle and this style of riding, but there are also those who do not understand how it is possible to ride such a unicycle. At the same time it's not to be feared - the unusual futuristic design has attracted many people who had never thought of unicycles before - and beginners find it difficult to learn to drive a Ninebot Segway Z10, others may say that it is easier for beginners than experienced riders.

Our store believes that before buying such a bike, it would be better to try it and understand whether you like the features of its management. So come to us and try the Ninebot Segway Z10 in real life.

Data sheet

Max. Speed (km/h)
Motor Power (W)
Estimated range (km)
Battery capacity (Wh)
Wheel diametr (Inch)
Charging voltage (Volts)
Charging time (hours)
Weight (Kg)
Max. carrying capacity (Kg)
Telescopic handle
Bluetoth speakers

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